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Creaturemania's Briegel

Hello. I am Creaturemania Ryu Seong Ho.I am Korean and I've been made models for 19 years.    I used to contribute regularly to 'Hobbist', the most popular plamodel magazine in Korea.(1992-2006) The most important work during my contribution was novel "After Lost Age" and models based on the novel. I'm now working as a director of special effect and art in movie studio. Also I work personally as a miniature art director. My homepage is  This model was remodeled and it is slightly different than the original model. I am challenging in new genre called Custom Art. There are many collectors and splendid culture of models in Korea.  

"Custom is Art"

This is my motto and I've been worked for 2 years with this motto. The meaning of the motto is very small. Making model can be a plain hobby. But for me, it is life and only love. Crossing-over my thoughts and making models have similar parts. The pieces which were requested include these thoughts. You will see my passion of model through my pieces.  


This piece was planned in January 2009. But it was finished lately because of my personal issues such as baby born. Client of this piece is a fire-fighter. I didn't know much of Luca when I first saw this masterpiece. But it was an enormous shock to me because the dream of robot was still inside me. It was clearly the work of a master craftsman and the ideal creature modeling that I was pursuing. When I first meet this masterpiece, I fell into a dilemma."Which concept should I start with?", "Will I make it into military robot?" I talked about my baby born because there was an answer of my dilemma. There was a fire station near the hospital(which my baby and my wife were) and I used to smoke outside of the hospital. One day, I was looking at a fire engine and fire fighters and suddenly I thought of earthquake in China in 2008. I remembered people helping Chinese in a disaster of cosmic proportions. And I found the answer and concept of my story. 


" I think about the robot" Human produce armed robot to kill human. Brigel is an retired combat robot. The mission of this robot is to rescue people from disaster as a rescue robot in Korea fire-fighting team. Robot should live harmoniously with human. Human live with greed and hate. But these robots live with a self-sacrificing spirit. In 2008, we saw disaster of China by earthquake on the internet. Human can not stop earthquake even though they try hard. In my story, the robot rescue people in ruined region in  Italy and I made diorama through this story. I made this model so that people can think that they should use robot to make the world more beautiful not destroy it. I dedicate this work to people who sacrifice there lives to save people and people who are lights to the world. And for master craftsman Luca.

 June 9th 2009 by Creaturemania