Kallamity kits are sold out.

Sorry about that.

You probably noticed that I don't offer Kallamity kits anymore.

The reasons are three: my actual job does not leave me so much time to follow productions anymore, costs for resin,rubber,import/export,etc...became too expensive for self-limited productions as mine and last, but not last, f--kn' recast business.

Kallamity continues to offer services in sci-fi world. I'm working as concept designer, freelance sculptor, illustrator and modeller, so you may find my designs or subjects produced by some other factories.

Feel free to send me an email if you're interested in my services!


Thanks to everyone who supported me in the years and bought my models just for love to build-up or collect something original.

I really appreciated your support guys. Stay tuned for news!

Luca Zampriolo

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